China Mike Confessions

Loose bowels, cold sweats and the succinct cessation of all organs that filter toxins, with a liver as holy as the Eucharist, you perspire a cologne of excreted depleted booze your addled body couldn't process. You pick up the pieces of your life only to shatter them the next night in a oft occurring domestic dispute between the shambles of your morals and the remaining slivers of your hope.

10 more years of this and I just beg my body to give out: to swallow my tongue, to aspirate on a melange of 7-11 sandwich and mountain dew; to have that bolus rest quaintly above my windpipe like a playing card on a pint of IPA and snuff my addled breath neatly from my wasted potential.
Then I stop and think:
thats a great idea.

In college my roommate would have called Whine-one-one for the WAAAAAAAAAAAAAmbulance.

Its not the darkness of addiction its the repitetion of the soiled mornings and questionable accounts of activities, proclivities and penchants, trading a house on Pennzance for a mansion on Seacoast. Ima get me some of the new fangled pills and zone out on an objective. Set some goals and date some women that I can actually stand. Up to. Up to a point, and be blissful.

Growing up I was so Bi-polar I had three somes with Polar bears and penguins. You see they both live on a different poles,
like strippers working the same stage. Like stripers
working the same bait.
I swim and engrossed, engorged, enraged,

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