Turning over a new leaf doesn't mean getting less drunk in nicer clothes


Truer words have never been spoken. I declared I was turning over that new leaf. Later that nite I hit the bricks when the Coldfronts mixed with the percs of being surrounded by closet junkies and working stiffs.

Should I clean up? I went to church, for something other than a wedding, for the first time since I left high school. This was yesterday. The holy water is a breeding ground for pig flu. I'm not catholic, so I won't get sick. I didn't go to church CHURCH, we went into the church. I sat in a pew by myself and asked?

My god
let her do
well and if not let me forget how it turned so rancid

My god how I have survived this long? I am destined to change something to save someone. Am I destined to save someone....

Some money
people are born with
bred with discontent and expectations
so high
I was most of the time. I hid it
well and then
it was over.

The experience wasn't rubbish. I brandished a pro life bumper sticker in hopes of altering it. Imploring people to CHoose Abortion as their mother should have. Gruff. Gristled.

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